Tales from: an Oval Station Escort…

A tale from an escort near Oval station.

I’m a natural 23 years blonde woman that’s 5’5ft tall with a C breast and ass that anyone would envy. I moved to SouthWest London from Ukraine in 2019, and It was my first time working as an escort in another country.

I was so scared of how everything would turn out because of the horror story I heard and read on the internet about girls getting abused and hurt by their clients. Luckily immediately after I arrived in South West London, I got an apartment at a property on Clapham Road near Oval Station.

I started promoting my service as other oval escort girls, and it wasn’t long before I received a call from Dave. He sounded cool and we immediately scheduled to meet at a hotel in Brixton road in SouthWest London. He was looking for high class escorts in Oval.

On my first week in London, I met Dave who is very handsome with cute blue eyes at the Premier Inn London Brixton Hotel. As we met, the conversation went smoothly, as Dave knows what he wants and I know what I want, which is the money and pleasure. Dave has a sexy smile that would charm any girl and my first client in London.

At the hotel, I found it comfortable talking to Dave as the conversation was interesting. Little did I know that I would be giving blow jobs earlier than I thought. On the first night, Dave only wanted me to give him a blow job which he paid handsomely after.

After a while, hanging out and spending time with Dave and exploring the city of London is not all about the money anymore. In this line of job, it’s often hard to meet someone who knows how to pleasure a woman and pays her well but Dave was magnificent and different. Having a wonderful moment where I and my client are satisfied while I cum so hard in a while is a moment I don’t want to miss from Dave.

I know how to pleasure Dave, just like he knows what my sexy body needs. Sometimes, I would cum so hard that I would nearly pass out. Dave has always complimented me that my body is gorgeous, and I can’t ignore the fact that he has a fantastic 9” cock and knows how to use it properly.

Since I met Dave, he often requests my service and pays a lot more than my other clients. Dave likes role play and spends most of his time on vacations which is amazing because every time I accompany him there’s always time to explore the city. He has the habit of taking me his high class escort to different expensive restaurants on Fentiman Road, Akerman Road, etc.

The interesting part is that Dave always has a trick up his sleeves every time, if he didn’t suck my nipple, he would massage my pussy. And I always have a way of impressing him with my blow job skills.

Dave is one of my amazing clients, I’ll continue to share short stories of my experience working as an escort in Oval.

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